What You Need to Know about Newsletters

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2019

So I was talking with a potential

Equity Seller today and I was 
blown away with what he told me.
I got on the phone with this seller
and instantly I could tell he had
an deep affection for me.
That is to say report was built before
I said one word.
Now, I know you've been on calls with
sellers that this has just not been the case, 
most of the time.
Most of the time they are suspicious
and sometimes confrontational.
As I proceeded to have a conversation with 
this Equity Seller, it just got better and better.
The positive comments just kept coming;
I can see your a self made man and I like that,
you seem very trust worthy and honest.
Now I can tell you, most of my Equity Seller
appointments go like this.
All of this has been happening since we 
have been sending out my origin story via 
my newsletter in the mail before my sales 
conversion call.
I will tell you this works like magic and if...
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"True Wove" (Happy Valentines Day)

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2019

Last night my daughter Lily said "True Wove to me". 

Not sure where she got that from, but it was really cute. 
I  just bathed in her "True Wove" for as long as I could.
The unconditional true love of young children can teach 
us all something. 
3 is such a beautiful and wonderful age and it goes so fast.
I really don't want Lily to say her L's correctly. I like this way 
much better and I really think I just don't want Lily to loose 
her youthful unconditional "True Wove."
Have you forgotten how to give unconditional true love 
to the distressed sellers and prospects you serve? 
If so, then you should try it, because it goes far and it builds 
relationships that will build your business. 
I treat every interaction with a healthy dose of  unconditional 
true love. It is my belief that you must speak to your distressed 
sellers or prospects like your speaking to a close friend or...
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