About Lathe

Lathe Lavada is a national real estate investor and broker specializing in the single-family residential sector.

He has been through the recessions of 2001, 2008 and now the pandemic and looming recession of 2020. Navigating rough waters and making it through to the other side better off has become his specialty. 

Lathe has evolved his business through these dramatic market shifts and has perfected avoiding the sometimes brutal outcomes of treacherous times. He has created proven models and methods for his companies and for coaching clients in how to not just survive, but actually thrive in the most challenging situations.

Lathe’s clients praise his straightforward, simple and honest presentation of very complex information as being refreshing, usable and transformative.

Lathe is a highly sought-after author, speaker and real estate and business coach. He produces a real estate morning segment and hosts “Real Estate Investing with Lathe Lavada” a podcast, packed with real estate investing content that is as hard-hitting as it is authentic and life-changing.



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